MarketScape Opportunity Assessment

MarketScape Opportunity Assessment

At BottomLine Marketing, we are very clear about not only what we do when we’re working with you but the deliverables you will receive. We’re not just providing a strategy document, but we work closely and collaboratively with all levels of an organization to ensure that there is a clear knowledge transfer so that our clients own the results. We take seriously the old adage “we teach you how to fish, we don’t fish for you”.


The MarketScape Opportunity Assessment helps our clients develop a better understanding of market size, high opportunity segments and customer attitudes in order to focus on those activities with the highest potential ROI.

Key Activities:

    • Market sizing and opportunity assessment
    • Understand market dynamics and driving forces
    • Brand audit
      • How are the marketing and sales funds spent today?
      • What’s working and what’s not?
      • Analysis of marketing program ROI?
    • Understand the driving forces and any needs gaps of key stakeholders and influencers
    • Comprehensive competitive analysis including interviews with key internal and external stakeholders
    • Primary and/or secondary research to gain customer feedback and fill critical knowledge gaps

Option to Develop a Business Plan:

      • Work with the management team to refine the core business model
      • Develop business model scenarios (low, medium and high business cases)
      • Business model recommendations

Final Deliverables:

      • MarketScape and gap analyses
      • Recommended high return target segments
      • Brand audit summary
      • Competitive business assessment
      • Summary of in-depth interviews with key internal and external stakeholders
      • Summary of primary and/or secondary research to help close critical knowledge gaps

Additional Deliverables to Develop a Business Plan:

      • Business model recommendation
      • Business plan with low, medium and high business scenarios
        • 3-year revenue forecasts
        • Funding requirements
        • Commercial budget (marketing, sales, product development)

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