Marketing Execution and Staffing

Marketing Execution and Staffing

We are action oriented and work with you to execute the plans we have developed together. As you grow, we will also work with you to develop your marketing team including defining specific roles and responsibilities and assessing the appropriate pace of department growth.

Key Activities:

  • Develop and execute a marketing calendar based on key time horizons (e.g., 3-month, 6- months, etc.)
  • Develop the marketing dashboard to track activities and performance
  • Internal and external staffing recommendation

Key Deliverables:

  • Detailed tactical plan, budget and executional calendar
  • Key metrics and marketing dashboard to track program performance on a regular basis

If We Are Retained to Execute the Plan, We Will:

  • Execute the agreed to tactical plan
  • Identify the right internal and external resources to support plan execution
  • Assemble the team, including all required creative resources
    • Conduct outside agency searches as required
    • Support hiring of agreed to internal resources
  • Track program performance and make program adjustments based on ROI

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