Brand Strategy/Positioning Development

Brand Strategy/Positioning Development

Brand strategy/positioning development is at the heart of marketing and BottomLine Marketing’s core expertise. A well developed, well articulated brand strategy drives the most effective and efficient marketing plans and activities, while simultaneously setting aside low-ROI distractions.

Key Activities:

  • Identify key customer targets and segments
  • Develop an in-depth competitive positioning analysis
  • Develop the brand positioning statement that will include:
    • Clear definition of primary and secondary target audience
    • Competitive assessment
    • Key features and benefits (points-of-parity/points-of-difference)
    • Value proposition
    • Brand personality
    • Brand values
  • Develop the creative brief, which provides clear direction for future creative development

Key Deliverables:

  • Comprehensive brand strategy
  • Highly differentiated brand positioning statement
  • Comprehensive creative brief to drive development of all communication assets

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