What Our Clients are Saying

What Our Clients are Saying

BottomLine Marketing helped improve our sales efficiency by refocusing our efforts against the highest probability corporate customer segments and developing differentiated brand strategy that truly resonated with prospective new customers. They took a strategic approach as they interviewed several of our clients and conducted an in-depth competitive assessment and developed a more compelling communications platform that leveraged our current processes and capabilities. They translated these insights by helping us revamp our corporate sales presentation to ensure it was aligned with the new brand/communication strategy. Our new customer close rate improved dramatically against this new customer target. During our engagement, the BottomLine Marketing team were trusted partners and operated as an integral part of our management team. We knew what was happening every step of the way. I would highly recommend BottomLine Marketing to any organization that needs help with their marketing and sales strategies.

Denise Jackson
President & CEO

BottomLine Marketing were invaluable partners in helping us define the strategic positioning for the Epic Roots brand and our line of Mache salad products. Through their customer-centric approach and insightful consumer research, we gained a deep understanding of our products’ consumer benefits and how best to talk about them to new and existing customers. They then helped us translate those benefits to a new retail package design and across most of our promotional materials. BottomLine Marketing advised us on expanding our packaging options from bags to clamshells and we were able to grow sales and gain new retail points of distribution. Miro and Steve are true experts in their field and their fresh approach and ideas helped us drive business growth.

Blake O’Neill
General Manager

The BottomLine Marketing team opened our eyes to a new way of conducting our marketing and sales planning. By speaking with our customers and immersing themselves in our business, they developed an innovative customer segmentation approach that led to much more highly targeted and effective product development, merchandising and promotional strategies. Their proactive recommendation to conduct consumer research led to a series of consumer insights that have helped us generate incremental retail distribution and sales. Throughout our engagement, BottomLine Marketing worked seamlessly with the senior management team to ensure there were no surprises and that their recommendations were quickly put into action. Moreover, BLM not only provided useful insights but also useful tools and frameworks so we’ve been able to carry on the builk of future work ourselves. It’s a pleasure working with BottomLine Marketing and we continue to call on them as targeted marketing and sales strategy needs arise. We consider them part of our team.

Jason Levin
President & Chief Gringo

The BottomLine Marketing team, along with their research partner Q2 Insights, did an excellent job of helping us understand our key consumer segments, and the reasons why they visit Miller’s Ale House. Their insights helped us gain a deep understanding of what the Miller’s Ale House brand means to our guests, and how it is differentiated from our main competitors. Their consumer research and strategy development process was thorough, informative and, most importantly, actionable. They also challenged several of our previously (in many cases strongly) held beliefs about our guests and our brand and helped us develop a more relevant and competitive brand positioning.

We’re confident that the brand strategy work will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our future marketing efforts in driving new guest traffic and retaining current guests. Additionally, I’m also very excited the impact this work will have on our day-to-day operations and training. We’ve already taken some of their recommendations and implemented them in our operations training.

I would highly recommend the BottomLine Marketing team to any organization who is seeking a deeper understanding of their customers, their competition and their brand; and is in need of an elevated brand strategy to drive more effective and efficient marketing communications, strategies and programs.

Ray Holden

Working with the BottomLine Marketing team on a new brand and image was an investment in the future of the North San Diego Business Chamber. Before engaging with BLM, our organization’s name didn’t accurately reflect the geographic breadth of our membership and our brand messaging was “us too” vs. our key competitors.

Steve and Miro worked diligently with our team through some very important and challenging brand and business issues, forcing us to make hard choices about what we wanted our organization to stand for going forward. The process was challenging and at times painful, but was always stimulating and going through the process was absolutely necessary to get us where we are today.

They worked closely with us to develop our new name and translated strategy that uniquely differentiates us in the market. The new brand strategy has transformed our organization, and we’ve seen growth and retention in membership since the brand re-launch earlier this year. We thank and credit BottomLine Marketing for leading us through this process and taking us to a new level of identity and visibility in the region.

Debra Rosen
President and CEO

BLM does their homework. Before initiating the engagement, they went to school on the smith+noble customer experience, including ride-alongs with our in-home design consultants. This experience provided them with valuable insights that shaped the work that they subsequently delivered.

BLM is creative and cost effective. They successfully suggested that we leverage a non-buying portion of our e-mail file as a proxy for competitor customers, thereby generating significant research savings

BLM perseveres. When online survey responses were not achieving required rates, they innovated on the fly to test a variety of different incentives that ultimately delivered the target response rates, while containing cost.

BLM delivers. Cost effective customer research uncovered a number of “aha’s”. Web store user experience upgrade deliverables laid the groundwork for an anticipated significant gain in conversion and customer experience quality.

Ken Constable, President
smith+noble windoware®

Bottomline Marketing truly protects your bottomline; they have a full service offering for all of your branding needs.

Sitelab Interactive

The BottomLine Marketing team was instrumental in helping us gain a much deeper understanding of WAXIE customer needs, wants and areas of opportunity across each of our major customer segments. This work then translated into a powerful brand strategy that helped focus our communication efforts on the most meaningful and impactful benefits we provide our customers.

We were taken through a comprehensive process that was both highly analytical and creative, and involved and challenged the entire senior management team. This resulted in us thinking about the WAXIE brand in new and exciting ways. BLM then came through with the development of wonderful new brand identity elements including color palette, brand imagery and tagline.

We now talk, both visually and in copy, about WAXIE in a way that reflects our heritage and core values as well as the value we bring to our customers. This messaging is both powerful and competitive and has helped elevate WAXIE against very large national competitors. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work done by BottomLine Marketing and highly recommend them to anyone who needs to sharpen their brand and improve how they communicate with their current or prospective customers.

Rick Hazard
Vice President, Marketing

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