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OneRoof Energy

Develop the OneRoof Energy brand strategy and marketing and sales plan to drive revenue. Determine channel and marketing priorities and help evolve the business model

The Situation:

A start-up solar energy leasing company with an innovative channel strategy, needed strategic support to assess market potential and to prioritize marketing activities across their various channels; they then needed interim VP, Marketing support to drive marketing strategy development and tactical plan execution.

What BLM Did:

  • Developed prioritized action plan for channel strategy and marketing strategy and plan development in each channel.
  • Created a brand architecture and product naming guidelines to simplify optimize portfolio strategy.
  • Conducted one-on-one interviews with key customers across all channels to identify key growth opportunities.
  • Conducted consumer survey to understand how they make their solar energy decisions and the appeal of various financing options.
  • Developed a new brand platform which articulated a differentiated and compelling communication strategy.
  • Led development of consumer facing materials, ensuring consistent communication of the optimal brand brand message.

The Result:

Strong revenue growth behind a focused channel strategy and impactful marketing/sales plans

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