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Build brand awareness and drive retail sales via a differentiated brand strategy and marketing plan

The Situation:

There was little to no brand awareness our client’s product and they were not clear about what product attributes and benefits would most resonate with consumers. They needed to develop a highly differentiated brand strategy, then ensure it was consistently and effectively communicated across all communication channels with an efficient marketing plan.

What BLM Did:

  • Led the management team through a discovery process to identify potential product benefits.
  • Conducted efficient consumer research to gain feedback on the product experience and get reaction to various brand/product positioning concepts. Then assessed “fit” of concept to product experience.
  • Conducted in depth competitive analysis to map where the client’s product could fit into category.
  • Developed a highly differentiated brand strategy, including a creative brief to drive future creative development.
  • Led development of revised portfolio naming architecture, package design and marketing/sales materials.
  • Created product re-launch plan.

The Result:

Product re-launch drove new distribution and incremental sales behind focused marketing and merchandising strategies

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