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April 2013

Common Social Media Mistakes and Pitfalls

OK, so you’re ready to launch your new social media strategy…your Facebook page is ready to go, your Twitter feed is primed and you’ve even written a few blogs. But do you really know what you’re doing? Even worse, are you paying agency huge fees to manage your social media effort, but you’re still not sure if they know what they’re doing (hint: many do not). How do you know if you’re doing the right things or if you’re just falling into some of the most common mistakes marketers make in social media?…Download PDF

March 2013

Social Media Checklist – Is Your Brand Ready?

Everybody wants their brand to have a presence in social media, but few managers know what they should be doing or how to do it. So, invariably, most set up a Facebook page, many set up a Twitter account or LinkedIn page and some even start writing blogs or posting videos to YouTube. And the very daring venture out into Pinterest, Instagram or any of the other dozens of social media networks. Then what happens?…Download PDF

December 2012

Get the Jump on 2013 and Re-Energize Your Brand!

OK, how many of you have just completed or are in the process of conducting a thorough brand review? Hmmm, how many of you haven’t been involved in a brand review process? Well, it’s really very simple and critically important… a brand review is a fundamental review of… Download PDF

November 2012

Three New Year’s Marketing Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are worthy goals that most people have now since forgotten. However, if you are a marketer or CEO, these New Year’s resolutions are fundamental to in ensuring the success of your business and, at the very least, marketing efforts… Download PDF

October 2012

How Does Your Brand Strategy Drive Your Marketing Plan?

Developing a brand / marketing strategy is a rigorous process. In building a brand strategy, each of the following areas must be carefully addressed… Download PDF

September 2012

The Marketing Dashboard

Ok, so how many of your organizations utilize a “business/financial dashboard” to track key performance indicators (KPIs) for overall business performance? Examples of commonly used KPIs are revenue, gross profit margin, net margin, cost per unit, headcount, revenue per customer, etc… Download PDF


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