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Super Bowl Ads 2018: What Worked and What Didn’t

BottomLine’s Miro Copic reflects on the effectiveness of this years SuperBowl Ads for Entrepreneur Network: “It’s not enough to have a clear message. An ad also has to leave the viewer wanting more,” noted Copic. Read on to see the ads that critics say accomplished that.

Super Bowl Ads 2018: What Worked and What Didn’t
By Lydia Bellanger – Entrepreneur – 2/5/18

Steven Bellach on Calculating Customer Acquisition Cost

AMA San Diego Podcast: Calculating Customer Acquisition Cost
Bill Winn – 1/9/18

BottomLine Marketing Principal, Steven Bellach, discusses the importance of calculating (and how to calculate) your customer acquisition cost in order to determine what you should be willing to pay to acquire a customer in various segments. Helping to illustrate his point is BottomLine Marketing client Purusha Rivera of My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear

A toy story: Geppetto’s thrives in the retail jungle

BottomLine’s, Miro Copic, notes that Geppetto’s and a number of smaller retailers are doing reasonably well because they are really delivering a value proposition to consumers that Amazon isn’t able to. Geppetto’s employees offer superb customer service because they have intimate familiarity with well curated products and know the right questions to ask to help customers find the perfect toy to match the age and interests of the child.

A toy story: Geppetto’s thrives in the retail jungle
By Rob Nikolewski – San Diego Union~Tribune – 9/20/17

Advertisers pull ads from YouTube due to inability of progammatic system to avoid offensive conent

As quoted in this article, “Right now with all the algorithms they cannot guarantee to an advertiser that their ads won’t be on some kind of site that is problematic,” said Miro Copic, a marketing expert at San Diego State University and co-founder of BottomLine Marketing.

What advertisers have been burned already? Read on:

The $80B business that linked all-American brands with hate content
By Mike Snider – USA TODAY – 3/25/17

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