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Advertisers pull ads from YouTube due to inability of progammatic system to avoid offensive conent

As quoted in this article, “Right now with all the algorithms they cannot guarantee to an advertiser that their ads won’t be on some kind of site that is problematic,” said Miro Copic, a marketing expert at San Diego State University and co-founder of BottomLine Marketing.

What advertisers have been burned already? Read on:

The $80B business that linked all-American brands with hate content
By Mike Snider – USA TODAY – 3/25/17

Blade Runners: Start-up Harry’s Bold Plan To Go After Gillette And Dollar Shave Club

BLM’s Miro Copic provides marketing insights about the razor market again. This time, he is commenting for Forbes on Harry’s plan to upend Gillette and Dollar Shave Club.  Look for this article in the  October 4, 2016 issue of Forbes:

Blade Runners: Start-up Harry’s Bold Plan To Go After Gillette And Dollar Shave Club
Steven Bertoni – Forbes online #StartupLife – 9/14/16

Southern California Grocery Workers Threaten to Strike

BottomLine Marketing Principal, Miro Copic, speaks with NBC 7’s Consumer Bob about the union vote for a grocery worker strike and what it might mean for the SoCal marketplace.

Southern California Vons, Albertsons and Ralphs Employees Threatening to Strike, Union Vote Scheduled
By Consumer Bob – NBC San Diego –6/18/16

Grocery Workers Union Authorizes Strike Against Vons, Ralphs and Albertsons, Strike Still Not Likely
By Consumer Bob – NBC San Diego –6/23/16

SeaWorld’s PETA Spy

In these 3 news segments, BottomLine Marketing’s Miro Copic comments on the potential damage to the SeaWorld brand done by their admitting to sending an employee to Spy on PETA…and what SeaWorld needs to do to get their brand back on track.

SeaWorld Spy

SeaWorld Admits Worker Spied on Critics
News10 – KGTV – San Diego-2/26/16

SeaWorld Says Employees Won’t Spy on PETA Anymore
Fox5 – KSWB – San Diego – 2/25/16

SeaWorld Admits Employees Spied on Activists
The CW6 – XETV – San Diego -2/12/16


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