Our Approach

Our Approach

Helping You Develop a Winning Edge

BottomLine Marketing partners with founders, CEO’s and senior management because they are responsible for developing and executing corporate strategy and, at its core, we feel passionately that marketing is strategy.

A 360° Approach

We’ve developed a 360° approach to marketing that is “outside in” rather than, as most companies practice it, “inside out.” We focus first on customers, stakeholders and the marketplace to determine what they need and want from you and your industry. We evaluate your business and the competition against those needs and help you develop a brand positioning that reflects a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our 360° degree approach has implications for your entire business and how it interacts with your customers. Since all functions represent your brand both externally and internally, our approach ensures that your entire organization acts with one voice. And as our name suggests, we make sure we track progress and results and develop ways for organizations to improve.

Engagement Leadership

Importantly, we’re different from most other firms in that a BottomLine Marketing Principal leads every engagement and participates in every meeting. The people you meet at the beginning are the same people who will work on your business. Most importantly, we’ve been in your shoes. Principals are former CMO’s and General Managers so we understand marketing and sales problems and their impact across an organization.

Not only will we work to develop your business, brand and marketing strategy but we’ll help you implement it and work with external agencies (or internal creative groups) to effectively express your brand. This is where strategy often fails—the creative doesn’t do its job to motivate customers to act. We can help you get the best out of agency or internal creative teams.

Collaborative Style

Finally, our work style is collaborative and inclusive. We’re transparent and involve key stakeholders every step of the way. This means that you understand and embrace the recommendations instead of reacting to them at the end of a process. We don’t just dump a report on your organization, but rather a key part of our work is to coach clients to think differently about their marketing function. We help develop a client mindset that establishes a rigorous marketing culture because:

  • We are relentlessly fact-driven in our recommendations and decisions
  • We commit to developing key measures to track your marketing efforts and overall business performance
  • We believe Marketing should represent the voice of the customer and provide the thought leadership to win in the marketplace

Our approach goes beyond specific solutions and leaves clients with new ways of thinking about and running their business and more specifically, their marketing function.

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